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Replacement Window parts for Arctic Tern Windows

Original price $9.95 - Original price $19.95
Original price
$9.95 - $19.95
Current price $18.95

Do you need some replacement parts for your Arctic Tern Windows? You can find them here. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Replacement Struts are sold as a set of 2 (left and right)

SMALL STRUTS - for windows that have a height less than 400mm (300x500, 300x700, 300x1100)

MEDIUM STRUTS - for windows that have a height more than 400mm (450x500, 450x610, 450x900, 450x1100, 500x300, 550x700,  550x900, 550x1100)

RIGHT STRUT HANDLE- handle on struts

LEFT STRUT HANDLE- handle on struts



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