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New Product Alert- WATER LINE By the foot!
New Product Alert- WATER HOSE by the foot!

Drinking Water Line (10mm) RED / BLUE Rehau T-FLEX

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This product is custom-cut and sold by the foot.
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Experience unparalleled purity and flexibility with the T-FLEX Multi-layer Hose manufactured by Rehau, where flawless design meets function for your drinking water and food applications.

Specifically engineered to comply with the stringent guidelines of the UBA for drinking water contact, the Rehau water lines are a beacon of trust for your health and safety standards.

Beyond just adhering to norms, our hose has triumphed through rigorous testing as per KTW-BWGL (Annex E) for both cold and hot water, as well as meeting the prestigious DIN EN 16421:2015-05 standards.

Key Features:

  • 10mm or 3/8" inner diameter
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Accredited by the UBA, confirming its suitability for drinking water applications.
  • Extreme Flexibility: Unmatched adaptability helps it weave through complex systems without compromising integrity.
  • Opposition to Microbial Growth: Opaque construction significantly reduces the risk of microbial and algae proliferation.
  • Permanent Marking: Featuring an innovative embossed design, ensuring durable identification and traceability.
  • UV Resistance: Designed to withstand harsh sunlight without deteriorating.
  • Chemical Resistance: Capable of enduring a diverse range of standard cleaning and disinfection agents.
  • Wide-Ranging Temperature Capability: Crafted to perform optimally within a broad temperature scale from a frigid –30 °C to a scorching +70 °C.

The T-FLEX Hose is not only a testament to quality but also a promise for health, effortlessly handling your most sensitive liquid transfers. Whether you're pouring a refreshing drink or processing food, the  T-FLEX ensures that every drop meets the highest purity standards. Choose the  T-FLEX for a solution where safety is never compromised and excellence is always delivered.

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