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Diesel Heater Fuel Tanks

Original price $8.50 - Original price $99.75
Original price
$8.50 - $99.75
Current price $83.50

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Planar Fuel tank, 7L/ 1.85US Gallon. For Planar or other diesel air and hydronic heaters. The cap on the fuel tank is vented, possible spills can occur if the tank is overfilled or riding on rough terrain.

Weight 2 kg

Height is 33cm/13" from tab to tab

Height of tank with fuel cap is 34.3cm/13.5"

Width 36cm/14.25"- this includes the fuel pickup

Depth 10.5cm/4" - this will expand a bit when the tank is full of fuel



Planar Fuel tank, 13L/3.4 US Gallon. For Planar or other diesel air and hydronic heaters.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 47 x 36 x 17 cm


If you are choosing to purchase a spare fuel cap (highly recommended) this can become your travel cap and you will use this when you're on the road to prevent fuel from spilling from your auxiliary tank. YOU will need to glue the vents on the inside of the cap with Weldmount (you can find this at a hardware store).

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