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Koemmerling Körapop 225 Adhesive (Black)

Koemmerling Körapop 225 Adhesive (Black)

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Körapop 225- Marine Adhesive

310ml Cartridge (Color=Black)

Recommended for use after the assembly of our truck bodies. Create a clean black caulking line around the extrusion. It has all of the same properties as our white 225 just gives a nice finished look to your truck body.

Solvent-free, elastic one-component sealant, and adhesive for vehicle bodywork, containers and vehicle manufacturer, air conditioning, heating equipment, and metalwork etc.

    • Good adhesion to glass, many kinds of metal (zinc, aluminum, steel), varnished and primed materials, wooden materials
    • Good resistance to humidity and weathering
    • Resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +90°C (up to +120°C for short intervals)
    • Good adhesion to duroplastics, thermoplastics (except PE, PP, PTFE) and mineral substrates
    • 25 minute working time
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