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JUMBO Fridge Slide by TemboTusk

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The JUMBO Fridge Slide allows you to stow away your fridge after use to conveniently maximize your space. The JUMBO Fridge Slide is built in the USA and are the toughest, most rugged refrigerator/cargo slides available.

Choose from two options, either a SIDE pull or a FRONT pull depending on where you want the fridge to move from.

  • Jumbo FRONT pull OUTSIDE Dimensions: 21.75" wide x 34" deep
  • Jumbo FRONT Pull PAN Dimensions: 20" wide x 34" deep
  • Jumbo SIDE pull OUTSIDE Dimensions:  35.75" wide x 20" deep
  • Jumbo SIDE Pull PAN Dimensions: 34" wide x 20" deep
    (Pan= Area where the fridge or cargo will fit.)


  • The Jumbo Slides will accommodate fridges 60 to 110 liters 
  • Cutting Board is optional, 12 x 18 inches.  Fridge will sit 1.5 inches higher. 
  • Ships from California
  • Don't forget to order Tembo Straps to hold down the fridge to the slide
  • Installation Instructions


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