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ARCTIC TERN - Window 450x610 / 17.72"x24.01"

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Enhance Your Adventure with the Arctic Tern Window 450x610 – The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Vehicle

Ready to elevate your vehicle's aesthetic and functionality in one fell swoop? Look no further than the Arctic Tern Window 450x610. Crafted for the discerning traveler, this window is not just any window; it's a gateway to unparalleled ventilation, insulation, and a seamless integration with the great outdoors.

Choose from the Classic Arctic Tern Style or the NEW Flat Arctic Tern Window - Available starting in July.

Attention: Fitment of Windows vary from build to build. Download guides from this page or visit our Resources page for measurement and fitment guides. 


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    • Size & Fit: Arctic Tern Windows are designed to fit a wide array of vehicles, making them the perfect upgrade for vans, RVs, and overlanders. Available in 24-34mm, 35-44mm, 45-54mm, and 64-74mm wall thicknesses, ensuring a perfect match for your setup.
    • Double-Pane Acrylic Glass: Superior insulation and reduced condensation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. UV-resistant materials ensure long-term clarity and protection.
    • European Craftsmanship: Made in Europe and adhering to strict ECE standards, this window represents the pinnacle of quality and safety.
    • Versatile Ventilation: Unlike traditional slider windows, these allow for the full window to open, offering maximum airflow and unparalleled views of your surroundings. With openings at 10 and 35 degrees for the 300mm size, and up to 60 degrees for larger sizes, customize your airflow to suit any weather condition.
    • Integrated Blackout and Insect Screens: Experience unmatched privacy with our blackout blind, while the fine mesh insect screen keeps unwanted guests outside.
    • Lightweight Design: At over 60% lighter than comparable glass windows, it’s the smart choice for optimizing your vehicle’s efficiency and handling.
    • Easy Installation & Durable Design: The clamp style design facilitates a straightforward, secure installation without the need for adhesive. Boasting a heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum frame and high-quality rubber seals, the Arctic Tern Window promises longevity and robust performance.
    • Durable Aluminum Frame: Finished with a heavy-duty powder coat, the frame offers both strength and sleekness, complementing any vehicle aesthetic.
    • Safety Features: These windows can also serve as an emergency **exit, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Additionally, they offer significant weight savings of over 60% compared to similar-sized glass windows, without compromising on safety or efficiency. **Not all sizes will work as an Emergency Exit!

    Arctic Tern Classic Windows

    • Classic domed shape for a timeless appearance
    • Dual-pane acrylic construction for durability and insulation
    • Light gray acrylic glazing
    • UV-resistant
    • Impact-resistant for long-lasting performance
    • Lightweight design
    • Easy installation with an adhesive-less install
    • Blind and screen assembly included for added privacy and ventilation in black or white
    • Inner frame rings to adapt to your wall thickness ensure a perfect fit

    Arctic Tern Flat Windows

    • Flat exterior profile for a sleek and modern appearance
    • Dual-pane acrylic construction for durability and insulation
    • UV-resistant 
    • Impact-resistant for reliable performance
    • Lightweight design
    • Easy installation with an adhesive-less install
    • Retrofittable to the same cut holes as our Classic windows for an easy swap.
    • Blind and screen assembly included for added privacy and ventilation.
    • Inner frame rings to adapt to your wall thickness ensure a perfect fit
    • Tinted for a darker, more modern aesthetic

    Here you can find all Manuals and documentations for your windows:

    Check this video for installation tips:

    Video: Arctic Tern Window - Installation


    Here you can find parts and replacements for your windows :

    If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us.


    All shipments are covered by our shipping insurance. Inspect for damage and report to us within 14 days after receiving.

    Arctic Tern Windows are warranted for one year against defects in workmanship and materials.

    We offer a complete in-house parts department!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Travis Pennington

    Arctic Tern Window 450x610 / 17.72"x24.01"

    Matt Cobb
    Good size for multiple reasons plus a trim solution for various wall thicknesses

    I purchased 3 of these 450x610 windows (along with a few others of various sizes). I like the size because they are small enough to easily fit in many areas yet large enough to act as an emergency egress or escape hatch. Safety is an important feature in my build. The retractable blinds and bug screen are a brilliant feature. I like the clever use of the automotive style gaskets with clamping ring (no adhesives required), though the clamping screws require a bit of patience... My walls finished out to 3-1/8 inch thick. The largest trim ring available was for wall thicknesses of 2.91 inches max. I purchased longer SS screws (30mm). This left me with an unsightly 3/8" gap between the window frame and clamp ring. I solved this by simply using strips of 1/16" Polywall utility panel obtainable at most any big -box hardware stores. I cut the panel lengthwise into 2-1/2" strips. This gave me about a 1/4" of lip beyond the clamp-ring protruding into the blind/screen frame area flush creating a nice, finished look. I secured the strips using Sil-Bond clear RTV 4500 and a few strategically place rivets. I cut tight fitting plugs from scrap 2" xps foamboard to evenly apply pressure around the strip as the RTV cured overnight, then reinstalled the blinds. Hope this helps others with their projects! I truly am very pleased with the quality and engineering of these windows! They are vastly superior to anything in the North American RV industry!

    Joel R.
    Window for my sliding door

    Great size for my sliding door. I had a mix-up with the trim ring and ordered the wrong size. I was able to order the correct size and Expedition Upfitter was super helpful with this. Thanks for such great customer service.


    Our window arrived Monday in pristine condition. I would like to thank you very much for your help and personal attention. I unpacked it and began my template yesterday, finishing my day by applying the template to my already roughed-out PVC frame. This morning I am cleaning up some cuts to insure a "click" fit in the Promaster. I will be documenting all this process and posting it up on a couple of Promaster build-out forums. I will also let them know what a pleasure you have made my experience. There has been some concern, me included, about Arctic Tern sourcing out window sales. My concerns no longer exist and I will gladly return to you for the last two windows we will need. I will give you a four-star rating. As the last two are back door windows and will not contaminate the interior with metal shards during installation, they will be a couple of months out as I build and install my cabinets, electrical and such.
    Thanks again Katie!

    Greg G.
    Great Instructions

    I was pretty hesitant before tackling the install and cutting a hole in my camper. The instructions were great and the customer service from EXUP was top notch!

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