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Tigerexped Combi-BOIL with Shower Kit & Comfort Controller 9L / 12L

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This NEW Combi-Boil by Tigerexped in partnership with Autoterm= One water boiler, with 3 heating options
Here's How:
1. 120V Heating Element
2. Through warm air from an auxiliary Diesel heater.
3. Via integration into the engine cooling circuit / with water heater

Advantages of the Combi-Boil

  • Displays water temperature in real-time, even on the Sleepscreen of the controller
  • Water temperature can be preset from 122F-176F (50 – 80 °C)
  • Adjustable increment of 5 – 25 °C from the target temperature
  • Overheat protection (configurable): The heater switches off automatically before the water temperature reaches a critical point.
  • Frost protection: If the water temperature drops to 2 °C, the heater automatically warms the water to +15 °C and the ambient air to +7 °C. Boilers and water pipes are reliably protected from frost damage.

The Autoterm Comfort Boiler Control is only available in combination with the combiBOIL hot water boiler.

Here's what else it offers:

  • Full Autoterm integration: temperature display, presetting, and protective shutdown are possible with the new Autoterm comfort control panel.
  • The integration of a second water loop (e.g. underfloor heating, towel dryer, or vehicle cooling circuit) is possible
  • Stainless steel boiler and heat exchanger, salt water resistant
  • Rotatable attachment for a variety of installation options
  • Highest workmanship quality, Made in Western Europe
  • Insulation made of closed-cell PU foam for minimized heat losses
  • Extremely robust, shockproof outer shell
  • Flexibility of installation and achieving 100% tightness of the connections is made easier by standardized G1/2'' threaded screw connections.
  • Minimum flow resistance - can be used up to 4kW / twin kit
  • Integrated safety valve
  • Drain valve for emptying for safe winter storage etc.
  • An optional Autoterm Heater can be included in this package (either 2d-12 or 4D)- Please read for more information.

Detailed Information about the Complete System "Hot Shower Kit 2.0":

Since its inception in 2017, the Hot Shower Kit has emerged as the most straightforward and widely adopted solution for outfitting travel vehicles, boats, and yachts with both a warm air heater and hot water.

Diverging from intricate combination devices, this kit comprises two separate devices, offering a more cost-effective and less failure-prone alternative. Notably, it can be easily repaired while on the move if the need arises.

The strength of the Hot Shower Kit lies in its simplicity and the independent functionality of its two main components, the heater, and boiler. Any defects in one component do not automatically impact the other. The high-quality boiler, with its robust material and processing, is unlikely to develop issues. However, even if damage does occur for any reason, the heater will continue to operate unaffected, a crucial feature when facing extreme conditions such as spending a night in a vehicle at -20 degrees Celsius.

The Hot Shower Kit 2.0 stands out as a user-friendly and easy-to-assemble system, catering to do-it-yourselfers and professional manufacturers alike. It provides a low-maintenance and user-friendly solution for travel needs.

Selecting the Right Fit for Your Project:

The Hot Shower Upgrade Kit 2.0 is available with the combiBOIL hot water boiler in various versions and two sizes.

Please take note: If your heater is already installed, be mindful when choosing the volume, considering not only the amount of water you want to heat but also the available space in the camper for boiler installation (preferably in a straight line, near the heater).

The Package Contains:

  • 1x combiBOIL hot water boiler with 9 or 12l capacity, featuring a stainless steel tank and heat exchanger, in the chosen size, and with the included Comfort Boiler Control unit.
  • 2x adapters for the hot air connections of the Boiler
  • 1x adjustable thermo-mixing valve / anti-scalding protection
  • 2x brass hoses 1 x screw-on hose connector
  • 2x T-piece for water line
  • 1x steel flex hose G1/2" for the heat-resistant connection between the boiler and mixer


Additionally Required for Your Installation (depending on your project):

Every vehicle is different, so certain components are not universal and modifications may needed. Factors such as installation location and specific vehicle type may require different components suitable for your land or water vehicle.

Heater Mount / Installation Flange:
While the heater can be installed without a mount, this approach is more complex and carries the risk of misalignment with the hole pattern, leading to tensions or inadequate heat dissipation. It is generally advisable to use a mount or an installation flange, streamlining the installation process and providing effective thermal isolation. For the Hot Shower Kit, a mount like the one provided is typically utilized.

Thick Floor Mounting Flange for Air Heater 2 sizes for Planar/Autoterm

Water Hoses:
Similar to mounts, the hose lines in the water system vary for every vehicle. Calculate the length of both hot and cold water hoses after determining the installation positions for the heater, boiler, and all other water system components, and order accordingly.

If the water is intended for drinking or cooking, we strongly recommend checking for the appropriate certification of the hoses. This ensures that no harmful substances transfer to the drinking water and that the material does not alter the taste and composition of the water.

Pressure Regulator:
Our boiler tank is crafted from high-quality stainless steel; however, the input pressure should be limited to 1.5 bar. In all pressurized water systems, a pressure regulator should be used in front of the boiler, set to 1 to 1.5 bar, especially in systems with immersion pumps that contain built-in or separate check valves.
Incidentally, the Warm Shower Kit 2.0 comes with a built-in safety valve that releases excess pressure, eliminating the need for a separate purchase.

Water Pump:
A reliable pump is essential for providing the required pressure and circulation in the system. It must be powerful enough to ensure a steady flow even when water is being filtered, facilitating the smooth operation of the water system. Consider factors such as longevity and reparability when selecting a pump.

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