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Ford Transit 2013-23 Full Van Security Lock Set by HEO Solutions

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$396.00 - $396.00
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This is a full set for a Ford Transit Van and will fit 2013-2023.

Kit Contains:

  • Locks for Driver and Passenger doors (1x left, 1x right). Installed on the inner frame of the door. Push the knob down and turn it to close or open the door, use the key to secure it.
  • The proper placement is needed to ensure you hit the pillar to create a deadbolt.
  • Trimming the plastic trim around the pillar is necessary. There is a striker plate that comes with the kit to install to cover this.
  • 2x Swivel Locks that are suitable for rear doors and sliding doors. This lock uses the key to swivel the system 180 degrees into a locking position. These locks attach to the outside, and are very durable but have a simple design.
  • All locks are lockable & the front and back locks have different keys.
  • Depending on your sliding door window (aftermarket vs factory) a mounting plate may need to be manufactured to avoid the glass on the side entry door.
  • Easy to install
  • Tools needed for installation- 3.2 mm drill bit to drill pilot holes, 4mm Allen key to tighten screws! DO NOT USE an impact drill or anything other than an Allen key to tighten the screw
  • Comes in White
  • HeoSafe Solutions uses the highest quality materials, designed and manufactured in Europe. These Security Locks are suitable for use on many caravan and motorhome doors. We currently only carry stock for Transit and Sprinter vans. If you require another lock for a different vehicle please contact us.
  • PLEASE NOTE if you have an aftermarket window or Flairs installed in the sliding door or rear panel (I.E. a CR Laurence window or Flairs) then this lock may not fit your sliding door above the rail. Please check the measurements of the swivel lock for the side door to make sure you have clearance between the sliding door and the rear panel.
  • Feel free to contact us for more information.

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