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Check out our DECEMBER DEALS

Underfloor Heating Fabric, 12 volt

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Current price $239.00

 Our premium heating fabric, less than 1 mm thick, is flexible and ideally suited for heating surfaces, stone slabs, tiles, mirrors, carpets, laminate, and almost all flooring’s, which are also designed for underfloor heating. The heavy-duty glass fibre fabric consists of heat-conducting carbon fibres, which generate pleasant heat within a few minutes.

With, the use of our low-voltage electric floor heating mat, travel trailers, RVs, and tiny houses will have comfortable floor temperature. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up on a frosty morning and jump out of your bunk onto a nice warm floor? This will not heat your habit box and will only provide you with a more comfortable warmth on your feet.

Technical Specifications

Ready assembled with power cord:

  • Size: 500mm X 1000mm (19.685"x 39.370") 
  • You can shorten the length (1000mm or 39.370") if needed but not the width (500mm x 19.685")
  • Used for more than 15 years by European Motor home Manufacturers
  • Super low energy consumption – 6.7A/hour at 12V roughly 80w.
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Quiet and safe
  • We include a 12V plug but you could also hardwire it to your electrical system through a switch.
  • Each mat must be wired separately to its own plug (do not daisy chain)
  • Does not work with a thermostat
  • You can glue this in place, we suggest testing the glue on the mat to be sure it does not cause any damage

Power cable assembly:

12 volt = approx. 2.0 m power cord, with a 12v plug or just the bare wires to wire into your switch



No insulation material should be placed under or over the fabric.

Air pockets must be avoided at all costs, keep this in mind with your intended substrate that you’re going to put this under.

Carpet and all flooring that is placed on top of the heating element must be suitable for underfloor heating.



Watch this episode of Eamon and Bec to see how they've handled installing their underfloor heating mats!



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