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Side view of water boiler on carpet against wall
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NEW - 12 Volt Water Boiler for Vans and Campers by EX-UP

NEW - 12 Volt Water Boiler for Vans and Campers by EX-UP

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Our 12V-6 Liter water boiler is designed to fit in motor homes, vehicles, boats (sail and power) with a standard 12 volt hook up and adjustable thermostatic control from approx. 30 ° C to 75 °C .  It's equipped with overheating protection, anti-backflow (water), and electricity leakage protection as well as a safety valve set to avoid overpressure.

The tank holds 6 liters or 1.6 gallons of hot water and when mixed with cold water you increase the amount of warm water 2 to 3 times. There is an ultra-thick foam layer to keep the tank well-insulated inside its steel cover. The tank is enamel coated and uses advanced anti-corrosion technology making this a great water boiler for your adventures.

The 12V Water Heater is hand and pressure pump capable. Purchase a pump that works at less than 4 Bar or 68PSI.

Adjustable Thermostat: 30°-75°C (86°-165°F)

May cause scalding if the water temp is set to 50°C or 122°F

Size: 45x 27x 27cm (18×10.625×10.625”)
Weight: 2.8kg (6.3lbs)- Empty
Power Consumption: 12 Volt -200 W (17A)
Heating Time: 30-45 mins depending on cold water temperature (55°C / 131°F)
Over pressure safety: 4 Bar
Water Capacity: 6L (1.6G)

Please contact us for wholesale inquiries.

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