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Air/Engine Autoterm Heater Combo

Original price $1,445.00 - Original price $1,620.00
Original price
$1,445.00 - $1,620.00
Current price $1,445.00

Diesel Air Heater Autoterm 2D-12 (TR) & Engine Coolant Heater Binar Flow 5D-12.
This combo is the most optimal 12V diesel auxiliary heating system for commercial trucks, school buses, ambulances, and heavy equipment.

As per the instruction manual, the heater has to be connected directly to the battery to avoid any voltage drops/surges. NO Alteration to the wiring harness is permitted. 

Autoterm 2D-12 High Altitude **Truck kit

Heat Output; kW (BTU): 0.8-2.0 (2.700-6,850)
Fuel Consumption; l/h (gal/h): 0.10-0.24 (0.03-0.06)
Nominal Supply Voltage; V: V12
Power Consumption; W (A): 10-29 (0.8-2.42)
Airflow Rate; m3/h: 34-75
Weight; kg: 7.0
L x D x H; mm (in): 310 x 119 x 120 (12.2 x 4.7 x 4.7)
Operating Modes: Temperature/Power

 **The truck kit includes- a base plate, 2.5' of ducting, and an eyeball vent as well as all of the installation parts needed.

BINAR Flow 5D-12 Diesel

Pre-start engine coolant heaters work independently from the engine. It heats up the engine coolant to provide an easy start at low temperatures. At the same time, they supply hot air to the passenger cabin/compartment keeping it warm and dry.


Heat Output; kW (BTU): 5 (17,000)
Fuel Consumption; l/h (gal/h): 0.7 (0.18)
Nominal Supply Voltage; V: V12
Power Consumption; W (A): 45 (3.75)
Coolant: Antifreeze
Weight; kg: 8.0
 L x D x H; mm (in):  225 x 122 x 185 mm (8.8 x 4.8 x 7.3)
 Operating Modes:  Programmable Start/Stop

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