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New Product Alert- WATER LINE By the foot!
New Product Alert- WATER HOSE by the foot!

Monthly Draw

Send us a review about an Expedition Upfitter product that you’ve purchased.  

Tell us what you love about it. Tell us how it changed your life. Tell us about the customer service. The more details the better! This is an ongoing contest so at the end of every month we will pull a name from the hat! Reviews that were sent in that month are included in the draw.

How do I send in a review?

Find the product that you purchased from Expedition Upfitter and scroll down to the bottom of the page where the reviews are kept. Click on write a review! Simple eh?product review contest

We will get an email that you sent us a message and we will put your name in the draw! Easy Peasy!

If you win, we will contact you via email and ask for an updated mailing address! We know your on the move so we wouldn't want to ship it to the wrong address. 

What could I possibly win?


Prize #1

Shower Spider - An expandable and collapsible shower curtain holder. Super convenient, practical, and is an easy install.

Prize #2

No more getting creative with where to hang your laundry and no more chaos in your kitchen or bathroom drawer.







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