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HEO Solutions® Swivel Security lock for Vans & Military trucks (Double Set)

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$225.00 - $225.00
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Swivel locks to secure the sliding, wing and rear doors. Set of 2.


Will fit on most sliding, wing and rear doors on vans.

  • The lock can only be engaged with the key.
  • Unlock the VAN security lock with the key and turn it 180° so that you can open the door.
  • Only in the locked or unlocked position, the key can be removed.
  • Always keep a key at hand!

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS - Unlock the VAN security lock and turn it 90°. This is the assembly position. In this position, the key can't be removed.

  • Mark the required drill holes. The best way to do this is by holding the frame at the position where you want to mount the lock.
  • Please pay attention to the sliding door: the lock should be position about 10 cm above the rail. Please check before the drilling that the door passes the lock without any difficulties.
  • For the rear wing doors, the lock is mounted on the door that has the latch to open from the inside.
  • Tools needed for install- 3.2 mm drill bit (now included) to drill pilot holes, 4mm Allen key to tighten screws! DO NOT USE an impact drill or anything other than an Allen key to tighten screws
  • Grease the holes and put the sponge rubber seal in place.
  • PLEASE NOTE if you have an aftermarket window installed in the sliding door (I.E. a CR Laurence window) then this lock may not fit your sliding door above the rail. Please contact us for more information.
  • These locks can be used on driver and passenger doors of large military vehicles!
  • This set will fit multiple vans, please contact us to be sure it will fit your model!
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