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HEOSafe® VAN Security: Universal Lock

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$118.00 - $118.00
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This lock is suitable for camper body doors, rear doors, external hatches, food trucks, trades vehicles & many more. These are an ideal solution for aftermarket security.  It's a simple yet very effective bolt-thru system, easy to install.

  • Locks are suitable for door thickness from 20mm to 90mm (.78"x 3.54")
  • Solid lightweight construction
  • Attractive powder-coated finish
  • 5 space plates that are included with the lock, allows for variable adjustments from 2mm to 22mm (.07"x .866")
  • Tools needed for install- 6 mm & 12mm & 20mm drill bits to drill pilot holes for lock, Phillips screwdriver to tighten screws! DO NOT USE an impact drill or anything other than a screwdriver to tighten screws 


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