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Arctic Tern Windows Reveals Sleek Black Blind & Screen Assembly for Overlanders

Arctic Tern Windows Reveals Sleek Black Blind & Screen Assembly for Overlanders

For adventurers who live for the road less traveled, every detail in their travel setup matters, from robust performance to sleek aesthetics. For those meticulous about both utility and style in their mobile havens, change is on the horizon with Tern Overland's latest announcement – the addition of a black blind screen assembly to the Arctic Tern product line.

The Ideal Companion for Overlanding Enthusiasts

Now, adding an extra layer of customization with the new black colour option, builders and DIY enthusiasts can match their overland builds to their distinct tastes without compromising on quality.

The All-Black Elegance

The new assembly remains as rugged and refined as its widely acclaimed white counterpart. It grants van builders, RV owners, and DIY aficionados the freedom to carve out their signature niche with a darker, more uniform palette. This new profile doesn't just speak to visual appeal - it's about resonating with the individuality and purpose that fuel long-term travel and adventure.

Features and Functionality

  • Autocorrecting Aluminum Rollers: Say adieu to snags, with Tern’s smooth-operating extruded aluminum rollers.
  • Reversible Design: Flexibility at its finest – orient the blind at the top or bottom based on your preference.
  • Thermal Efficiency: A second layer of dead air space means extra insulation keeping your overland abode comfortable no matter what's brewing outdoors.
  • Blackout Blind: A smooth inner textile finish meets a reflective outer layer for privacy and additional insulation.
  • Longevity: Resilient, heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum frame ensures a lasting addition to your set-up.
  • Fine Mesh Screen: Keep the bugs out while letting the breeze in, complemented by mohair-lined tracks to further seal the deal against tiny intruders.

 Black Blind screen

Versatility Meets Personalization

Experience a mix-and-match functionality that lets you tailor your setup for privacy, insulation, and ventilation. Want a gentle breeze without the prying eyes? The Arctic Tern assembly understands versatility is a non-negotiable in the wild.

Ready to Retrofit or Enhance Your New Window?

Whether retrofitting an existing setup or selecting this stylish upgrade with a new Arctic Tern window, the process is hassle-free. The inclusive choice comes at no additional cost and is part of our commitment to providing options that align with your unique Overlanding escapade.

Make Your Move

Prep for the open road by integrating the black blind & screen assembly into your travel setup. With expected demand riding high, ensure timely delivery by checking stock availability on our website. To customize your current Arctic Tern window, reach out to us via email to enhance your overland experience.

Ready to hit the trails with the perfect blend of functionality and finesse? Tern Overland's got you covered.


Act now and redefine your mobile living space with the Arctic Tern's sleek new addition

For assembly retrofit inquiries, please contact us at: or visit our Technical Resources page!

Please note that delivery timelines are subject to stock availability. Arctic Tern - Redefining Overland Windows, one innovation at a time.



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