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Wildlands Full Size Door by Arctic Tern 1822x622mm

Original price $1,489.00 - Original price $1,639.00
Original price
$1,489.00 - $1,639.00
Current price $1,489.00

The door frame is powder-coated aluminum with heavy-duty stainless steel latches. The single handle actuates all three latch points. The door lock shares the same German lock set as our cargo doors and other accessories, so everything can be keyed to match for a small fee. Arctic Tern Wildlands doors are an exceptional choice for maximum ventilation and security.  This door is 1822x622mm / 71.75x24.5"wide for the cut hole. The door is unique in that it incorporates a triple dead-bolted lock system on a high-security screen door. Attachments to the latches wrap around the inside of the wall so that you would have to tear out the wall to pry out the door.

The screen door features a stainless steel powder-coated #6 woven mesh with .040 wire. #6 was chosen because it is the largest mesh that a grizzly cannot get a claw into. The door frame is recessed to foil prying claws or tools.

This allows you to sleep safely with the outer door open in hot weather. This has traditionally been a big problem for small off-road camp trailers. The door also features our fine mesh bug screen on the outside. This prevents pets from damaging the bug screen. The bug screen is easily replaced using conventional screen tools.

Right hinge available.

The thermal package is available for an additional $171 if you purchase it separately or $150 if you purchase it now.

Additional documentation can be found on our
Resource Page- including installments and fitments. 

Wildlands Entry Door Outside Cut Hole Corners
Full Size Right Hinge
1846x646mm / 72.67x25.43" 1822x622mm / 71.75x24.5" Rounded Top, square bottom
Insulated Curtain Large

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