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Controllers for Planar/Autoterm Diesel Heaters

Original price $84.50 - Original price $190.00
Original price
$84.50 - $190.00
Current price $190.00

Choose from the dial controller or the digital version for replacement or upgrade. These controllers are suitable for 12 volt and 24 volt Diesel Heaters

NEW- Digital Touch Screen Controller PU-28- Easy to use, plug and play- Watch the video below for more information (3.1875"L x 2.5" W x .625" H) or (81mm x 64mm x 14mm)- NOT recommended for the Portable 2D-12 or the Portable 44D

    Dial Controller PU-5 (2D-12, 44D, Portable + More)

    Allows simplified heater control in the “POWER” mode, also provides “VENTILATION” mode – air supply with no heat

    Digital Controller PU-27 (2D-12, 44D, Portable + More

    The PU-27 controller provides these functions

    • programed start and manual shutoff of the heater
    • manual start and shutoff of the pump (for the pre-heater Binar 5S only)
    • manual start and shutoff of ventilation (for the heater)
    • fluid temperature display (for the pre-heater Binar 5S only)
    • power supply voltage display
    • the current time and operating time display
    • activation of the product startup timer
    • economy mode activation (for the pre-heater Binar 5S only)
    • additional heater operation mode selection (for the pre-heater Binar 5S only)
    • display of malfunction code in case of product malfunctions
    • display of the control panel and control unit software version

    NEW- Touch Screen Controller PU-28 (Binar 5S, 2D-12, 44D + More)

    See our new instructional video for more information!

    Compatible with these models (check your Serial Number)

    • 2D-12= SN: 4226
    • 44D= SN: 4191

    We suggest pairing one of these controllers with the cable extension to extend the length of the controller when installed!


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