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MEKUWA window systems are produced with the highest quality standards. You can expect a long service life thanks to the use of high-quality materials. Produced with lightweight aluminum construction and tempered glass.

We use 4mm or 5mm tempered glass in all of our window systems.  The window will be silkscreened if there are glue joints and will hide all of the frames. Like is commonly seen in rear vehicle windows with the dot pattern.

Insulating glazed or single glazed window glass, if glued together, is always provided with silkscreen printing. When merging into a visual area, it ends in a dot grid (automotive design).

All window systems can be individually adapted to respective vehicle requirements. Necessary window or escape openings are implemented or considered 1:1.

With our special assembly accessories, all windows can be individually adapted to the respective vehicle or body wall thicknesses.

For increased protection against road salt and other aggressive environmental influences (e.g. sea air), all windows can also be manufactured with pre-anodised and subsequently coated aluminium profiles.

For all windows, the complete functional reliability and tightness is only guaranteed when they are installed absolutely vertically! Other installation conditions must have been tested together beforehand and approved explicitly and in writing by the manufacturer!