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Window Jamb Rings for Arctic Tern Windows by SATSANG

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The SATSANG window jambs were designed and created in collaboration with Arctic Tern windows.  The FULL kit consists of two pieces, an inner and outer trim ring. Please watch the video below if you're confused about the difference between the inner, outer, and the full kit.

The Inner ring ends up sandwiched inside of the installed window (between the Arctic Tern Trim ring 35-44mm and the window), and the outer ring is outside of the installed window and is the part that is seen in the finished van.

Outer Ring Thickness: The different sizes are to accommodate differences in individual builds. Depending on what you do for framing, insulation, and wall material, the measurement from the window to your finished wall will vary. We typically use the 2.1" rings in our Sprinter & Promaster builds, and the 2.8" rings in our Transit builds. We use 3/4" framing with 1/4" walls. If your material is thicker or you'll be using lots of insulation, we recommend the 2.8". It's always better to err on the side of more material since you'll be able to trim it down to fit perfectly.

1.4" Recommended only for builds with minimal insulation & framing. 

NOTE: ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH ARCTIC TERN WINDOWS. Order your Arctic Tern Windows with the 35-44mm Trim Ring. They do not fit Dometic Seitz or Maygood windows.

These will ship directly from SATSANG Vanworks Located in Lafayette, Colorado. Local pick-up is possible upon request.