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New Product Alert- WATER LINE By the foot!
New Product Alert- WATER HOSE by the foot!

NEW Eddy Inline Water Filtration from Guzzle H2O

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Attention all adventurers and explorers! Do you hate lugging around heavy bottles of water for your epic journey? Guzzle H2O is here to make your life easier! With its innovative EDDY Inline Solid Activated Carbon Block Water Filter, no matter where you venture, you can be sure that the water will be safe to drink. Guzzle H2O makes it easy to fill any large container with healthy, great-tasting water. The filter boasts a 0.5-micron porosity size—40x finer than a typical inline RV filter—filtering out chlorine, lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other sediments that can make your water taste terrible or even give it harmful effects. So why waste time filling up jugs of filtered water when you just have Guzzle H2O at your side? Make sure you’re always hydrated on any grand adventure with the most efficient and effective near-zero maintenance portable filter process in the world: don’t leave home without Guzzle H2O!

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