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Sunday Mornings well spent!

Eamon showing heating fabric

Did you see the latest episode from Eamon and Bec- Van lifers and YouTube megastars (if that's a thing)? Well we've teamed up with them and in their latest video & they've installed our underfloor heating fabric in their latest project!  

The heated flooring mat that we offer is an excellent solution for those who have little to no insulation in there van! You just flick it on before you roll out of bed in the morning and you'll have a comfortable floor in no time! Or how about when you get in from a day on the ski hill and your tire and achy!

These consume very little power yet pack a punch on your comfort level on those cold mornings! These are in stock at the moment but are flying off the shelf! 

If you follow their link on their YouTube page you'll save some moola when you place yours.

Start your Sunday morning right and watch the latest video drop from Eamon & Bec.


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